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I’ve never heard of a waterless manicure or pedicure. What’s the point?

Waterless manis and pedis are much like traditional services, except we skip the hand or foot soak at the beginning. Instead, we use an all-natural foaming cleanser and a warm towel wrap to clean and soften the skin. There are several reasons that we’ve elected to eliminate water from our in-studio experience:

  • Reducing Infection Risk: When you go waterless, there’s is no risk of waterborne infection, which can be commonplace in some manicure and pedicure experiences.
  • Longer Lasting Manicures: Your nails expand when soaked in water, which causes polish to chip prematurely once your nails dry completely and contract back to normal size, hours after your service.
  • Soaking in the Good Stuff: When your skin is waterlogged, its unable to absorb moisturizing products, like our 100% natural oils, butters, and lotions. Skip the water and let your skin enjoy some TLC.
  • Saving the Planet: We’re doing our part to cut back on water waste and consumption. The average pedicure in a traditional nail salon uses up to 15 gallons of water, and we feel like that’s just plain irresponsible. We’d rather provide a service we can feel good about.


What’s included in my manicure/pedicure?

Every mani/pedi includes a warm towel with foaming cleanser, nail shaping, cuticle pushing, cuticle nipping (if necessary), light buffing, massage, and is finished off with the polish color of your choice!

Pedicures include light foot filing, salt scrub, a warm towel wrap, and a warm (or cool) Fishbellie neck wrap.


How long will my mani last?

Laquerus ensures the highest quality manicures from highly trained nail artists. That said, it’s all about how you treat your mani when you leave the studio!

Regular manis should last 3-7 days, Performance Polish manis should last 7-14 days, and Gel manis should last 10-21 days with proper care.

Pro Tip: Over-exposure to hot water and/or steam can lead to premature lifting of gel polish. So take it easy on the hot showers and dips in the hot tub, and you’ll have a long-lasting beautiful mani!


Do you offer acrylics or nail enhancements?

We do not offer the application, filling, or removal of acrylics, or any nail enhancements, at our studios. The fumes that stem from the polymer powder and monomer liquid used for acrylics give us a headache, but more importantly don’t align with our non-toxic values. That said, if you’re not ready to give up your enhancements but still want the Laquerus nail art experience, we’re happy to polish them for you! Talk to a Studio Coordinator for pricing. Oh, and when you are ready, try our non-toxic gel extensions instead of traditional acrylic! We promise you’ll love the way it looks and feels, and your long-term health will thank you for it, too.


Do you do SNS (powder/dip)?

We do not offer the application or removal of SNS at our studio. Have you ever noticed that most SNS applications require you to dip your fingers in a jar of powder that you’ll likely share with other clients? That cross-contamination is a little too much for us. If we offered SNS at our studio, we would do it in the most sanitary way possible. This would be very costly, meaning our prices would be too high for your liking. Instead, we’ve chosen to avoid this altogether and keep our reasonably-priced manis and pedis with traditional polishes and gels.

Pregnancy & Kids

Are your manicures and pedicures safe for pregnant women?

Laquerus has taken extra steps to ensure that we’re giving our clients the safest manicure and pedicure experience possible, regardless of their pregnancy status. Extra precautions to ensure the safety of our clients and their buns in the oven are described below:

Nail Polish Selection: By selecting polishes that are at least 5-free, we are limiting our clients’ exposure to harmful ingredients that can absorb into their bloodstream through their skin and nails.

Ventilation in Studio: Our studio is well ventilated in an effort to diminish the aromas of acetone and isopropyl alcohol, both formulas that are required in our manicure and pedicure procedures.

Waterless Services: Prevents the transmission of infection between clients by removing the hand or foot soak, so that clients only interact with a towel that is later washed and disinfected before its next use.

Abbreviated Foot Massage: For pregnant clients without prior doctor approval, we will not be able to include a foot massage as part of the pedicure service.


Do you welcome kids in your studio, and what is the pricing for a kids manicure or pedicure?

Our studio welcomes clients of all ages! Kiddo services (12 and under) are priced at 50% of our regular pricing.

Nail Art

Do you offer custom art?

Within reason! Our artists are incredible, and can execute most hand-painted designs with ease, but they are human, after all. If you’re looking for something truly one-of-a-kind that can’t be found on our in-studio Color Board, please make sure you book Full Nail Art with your gel mani, and contact us via email or Instagram DM after booking to ensure we can get you exactly what you want. Pictures always help!


Why is nail art only offered for gel manicures?

Gel polish is thicker, sets faster, and lasts longer than regular polish, which means we can ensure a more perfect, long-lasting design.

Rainbow (5+ solid colors), traditional French design, and glitter overlays are offered for both regular and gel polish manicures, at an additional cost.

Anything Else?

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Transparency is kind of our thing, and we’re here to make sure you feel great about getting your services with us.