When you think about visiting the nail salon, what comes to mind? For us, it was long wait times, surprise price increases, harsh chemicals, and oftentimes an unsanitary environment. Through talking to friends, family, and complete strangers, we learned that most people were like us – excited by the idea of having their nails done, but not at the expense of their health.

As two people who loved sporting a fresh manicure or pedicure, we couldn’t find a nail salon in Madison that we were equally as enthusiastic about, or even one where we enjoyed spending our time. So we started brainstorming what that would actually look and feel like, and the rest is (sort of) history.

Our goal was to create an exceptional nail care experience that had everything we felt the market was missing – non-toxic services, hospital-grade safety protocols, kickass customer service, and ample opportunities for creative expression. Along the journey, we learned about the many benefits of waterless manicures and pedicures, and decided to implement this practice as part of our core values. We believe it’s just one more step in the right direction of clean beauty and environmental friendliness.

Born out of frustration with the current nail salon market, Laquerus exists to provide a manicuring and pedicuring experience that’s simply stress-free. Our artists are inclusive and welcoming, our services are healthier and safer, and managing appointments is straight-up easy. We’ve done the legwork for you – by testing the products, reading the labels, and researching the brands and techniques – so you can just relax and have fun.

About the Founders

Jennifer and Priyanka met in 2015 while pursuing their MBA degrees at the Wisconsin School of Business. They were friends first, and business partners two short years later. Laquerus began in an entrepreneurship class and soon blossomed into what it is today – the only waterless and non-toxic nail studio in Madison, and voted Best Nail Salon in Madison 2020 by Madison Magazine.