Matte Cow Print


Get the LQ experience in the comfort of your own home with a full set of our Press-On Nails! Customized to the length and shape you want, these reusable press-ons are just what you need to keep your nails looking fresh AF without heading to the studio. Use the adhesive tabs for 1-2 day wear or glue for 7-10 day wear. Plus, they soak off easily in warm water so you can switch it up from time to time.

Available in Round, Square, and Stiletto and either Short or Medium length.

Moooooove over cheetah, there’s a new boss in town. This classic cow print is just what you need to showcase your inner-animal spirit. Original manicure by LQ Artist Kat Freeman // @freemkat

Available as a single color set (black, white, or lime green), Some Nail Art (up to 4 nails), or Full Nail Art (cow print on all 10 nails).

With every purchase, we’ll send you a sizing kit and link to a sizing form that you’ll submit online. Once we have your sizes, your custom set will enter into production. Your full set will then arrive 7-10 days later with a link to view our application and removal how-to video. Each set is made to order and hand-painted in-house by Laquerus Nail Artists.

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Single Color, Some Art, Full Art

Base Color

Black, Lime Green, White, Cow Print