LQ Holiday Kit: Self Care is the New Going Out


“Self care” has become exponentially more important during this crazy year. We’ve handpicked the items in this kit with your best interests and total relaxation in mind, so you can ditch the idea of going out and have a perfectly satisfying evening at home. Indulge yourself or, if you’re feeling generous, gift to a friend. Either way, you won’t regret it.

An $83 retail value for $75. Kit includes:

  • 1 pair “Chill Mode” Eye Gels, formulated with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil and natural Tea Leaves to lull stressed skin into a state of total relaxation
  • LQ Soy Candle
  • 1 Big Fishbellie. Toss in the microwave and you have a therapeutic neck wrap or snuggle-buddy

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