SWELL Lip Volume Serum


No injections necessary! This incredibly silky serum from BeautyGarde contains patented peptide combinations that enhance lip volume in just 30 days! For maximum fullness, apply serum consistently throughout the day (especially after eating and drinking), and always a healthy application at night. Regular application allows absorption deep into your lips and delivers peptides where they can provide the most benefit.

Oh, and do you have wrinkles around your mouth area? Massage SWELL serum into the skin around your mouth and see plumper skin in a month with regular use!

SWELL serum does not burn or sting, and is not a capsaicin-based plumper.

Patented Peptide Combination:

Maxi-Lip: Stimulates plumping to create smoother lips that are fuller, moisturized, and better defined.

VoluLip: Delivers improvement of lip texture with a visible impact on the lip shape, increase of the lip volume, hydration and softness. Mimics hyaluronic acid treatments by doubling its synthesis level.

NS Lip Repair Lipids: Utilizes phospholipids and Phytosteryl ester to improve the barrier of the lips, helping to trap moisture in, resulting in plumper, more hydrated lips.

Rehydration Spheres – Inflates the lips and provides long-lasting hydration.

Revinage – a BioRetinol that mimics the same positive results that retinoids use to fight against the appearance of skin aging.  Skin will appear to be visibly younger, with a reduced appearance of wrinkles and improved skin elasticity.

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